Begum Khan

Born into a family of Ottoman art collectors in the ancient imperial capital, Istanbul, Begüm Kıroğlu spent her childhood surrounded by rare and beautiful objects – Oriental artworks, bleu-blanc porcelain, antique carpets, exquisite tapestries and imposing architecture – which fostered a lifelong fascination with Istanbul's colorful and complex legacy. Drawing on the expert craftsmanship that characterizes her birthplace, and infusing this with a passion for the ancient and the modern; the East and the Far East; and the luxurious and the extraordinary, the Begüm Khan brand was born.

More than mere accessories, each enchanting design has a story of its own and a special resonance for the designer. Encompassing both childhood memories of Istanbul and current dreams of travelling around Asia, Begüm's cufflinks are destined to become precious heirlooms and antiques of the future.
العدد 28